STUPS – Student participation without borders

The general objective of the project Student Participation Without Borders (STUPS) is to increase student participation and lay the foundations of a European network focusing on the development of new practices to promote student participation with the aim of finding genuine solutions to one of the most pressing challenges of higher education. You can find more information on the STUPS project website.

Enhance IDM

Enhanced Programme Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity Management in Higher Education.
The project will develop tools and trainings for study programme leaders who aim to improve their diversity competence and help them to foster diversity awareness of their staff and within their higher education institution. Diversity management at higher education institution is a means of increasing access to higher education for greater numbers of students. You can find more information on the EnhanceIDM project website.

European STEP

What role for youth engagement in Europe? Is student engagement recognised and valued within academic curricular? If so, in what way? In order to better understand the daily lives of young people engaged in extracurricular activities and to better support them in identifying and promoting their skills, Animafac and six partners launched the European STEP project, with a major study on the recognition of student engagement in Europe. You can find more information on the European STEP project website.