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Survey on the first-semester experience

In a Europe-wide survey that reached almost 4000 students across Europe, the level of beginner students’ social and academic integration and, ultimately, their sense of belonging, was assessed.

Download the Final Report!

Student experience platform

Developing a comprehensive, anonymously available support offering that aids beginner students in adapting to academic life was one of the aims of the ENRANTS project.

The FH OÖ Compass website was designed to guide beginner students through their studies:

Student apps are used to push content and messages to their students. Find some inspiration how BCU is dealing with this task here (coming soon)

Measuring attitudinal and personality constructs such as mindfulness, self-compassion, resiliency, procrastination and belongingness enables respondents to reflect upon strengths and challenges already at the beginning of their academic journey. To help students to improve their sills the a self-assessment was set up:

The self-assessment is available in English and German

Community Building Course

The community building course aims at increasing social interaction and exchange among new entrants and at enhancing the identification with their higher education institution and academic life. Two different curricula (synchronous online course, on-site course) are available

Download the Curriculum Community Building course (face-to-face)

Download the Curriculum Community Building course (synchronous online)

An Escape game can help students to get to know their university. was developed to introduce students. To use the Escape game (“In search of the UDE heart) simply download:

Training programme: Enhancing a sense of belonging in higher education

Two blended-learning training programmes (one for teaching staff and one for administrative staff) were developed. Each programme consists of a face-to-face workshop and an e-learning component.

Download the Course Curriculum here!

The e-learning courses are freely available via FH Upper Austria’s Moodle platform (use the option – join as a guest, no password is needed):

The on-site training took place in May, 2023. Find some follow-up materials here

Information on the theoretical framing of the project

Finding on the student survey on students sense of belonging

Information on how to support students sense of belonging through website and student app

Information on the community building course

Information on the Self-Assessment to measure resiliency and well-being

Information on further project outputs (staff training, student experience platform)

Information on how to use peer consulting groups in your team

Photos Staff Training Linz May 2023

Further publications:

Dincer, Derya; Latta, Michelle (2022). “Well-being”: eine studentische Freizeitaktivität oder Lernmotivation? Diversität Konkret, 01/2022.