Enhancing a Sense of Belonging in Higher Education

At the staff training in May 2023, colleagues from Linz, Birmingham and Duisburg-Essen focused on how to strengthen the sense of belonging of beginner students.

They learnt about theories and concepts on belonging, othering, stereotype threat and unconscious bias. They got to know tools and methods that make it easier for students to adapt to university life and that help to increase the social interaction of (all) students. Most important, they exchanged their experiences and ideas on how to enhance a sense of belonging.

Find more information on the training in the agenda .

Participants’ feedback:

I will discuss the ENTRANTS project in a team meeting to pass on some of the insights I gained.

The peer consulting groups were so helpful. I will be using this method in the future in department meetings to solve internal concerns and improve team efficiency.

The training helped me greatly to have a better understanding of the students’ perspective.

 Staff sense of belonging is just as important

 It was really good to meet other people working in similar roles in other countries.

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